Mission Statement

Our goal for Core Movement Arts Centre, is that any child who enters our doors will feel welcome and at home. We are opening our studio to provide children with not only
the opportunity to learn about the performing arts, but
also with the idea that each child will have the chance
to participate, under any circumstances. At CMAC our objective is to teach the mind, train the body, and nurture the spirit. Our instructors are dedicated to providing students with the most rigorous and professional training that will give them the knowledge required to pursue a career in the performing arts. We would like to further enrich our community and our dancers by providing them with more performance opportunities as well.

At Core Movement Arts Centre, movement is the core of our being. We strive to teach our dancers
discipline, appreciation and most importantly discovery. Uniqueness is alight in each individual, and
with the discovery of this quality, we mold our dancers to become just that: unique in their art.

Brittany Barnett is opening Core Movement Arts Centre to provide a facility that not only educates
students and the community about the art of dance, but also nurtures ones physical and artistic
needs and coincides with the fulfillment of creativity and passion.